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I've been tinkering at this guitar building game for about five years now.

My progress has been slow, but very deliberate.

I've learned a lot about building guitars and the industry in general along the way, and I'd like to share some of that experience here.

I'll start with what's in the pipeline today, and then I'll cover some of the back story over time.

My necks with tiltback headstocks have a groove for access to the truss rod.

I have always felt that while tidy, it seemed a little unfinished leaving the hex-head visible.

With that in mind, I'm having Hipshot products fabricate a cover in shiny stainless steel to match the other hardware pieces they do for me.

Here is the CAD drawing, and I should have parts in hand late next week:

Thanks Brad  :)

Nice looking work.  I'm not so sophisticated in my building approach, but I can really appreciate what you're doing.  Hipshot is just down the road from me, a good company for sure.


I stumbled on this site while looking for some information on neck hardware and decided to stay a while.


Welcome.  There are several of us building here.  Carlo is most prolific and skilled,  Scott (Godofthunder) builds as well as me.  There are others whom I'm forgetting in my usual chemo brain fog!  We've learned a lot from each other over the years.  Hope your plans go well!


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