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I have 4 builds in house at the moment, 3 JAEbirds and an NR.  I figured it would make more sense to put what I'm doing in one place.  Turned 67 today and trying to simplify my life. ;D

JAEbird with a '66 ThunderBucker set has become my bread and butter.  0052 is going to a retailer in Japan.

0053, a Fiesta Red JAEbird is going to Italy.  Thank God for Google Translate!

0054 is going to SoCal, that's a customer supplied Novak FauxBucker.  Looking forward to hearing it.

Ebony board and a 2+2 headstock, Scott P/G.  It will fit in a standard size case and definitely NOT neck dive.

The build is for the original owner of what became Scott's and is now Jim's NR Fiver.  He's pretty much letting me do what I want, including color.  My kind of customer!  Headstock shape is the first consideration.  I'll be using Hipshot clovers.

Speaking of Jim, here's the bridge pup upgrade to his NR.

Did this for Stoney Johnstone.  He owns a Fiesta Red JAEbird and I installed ThunderBuckers in 2 Jag basses for him.  Sent me the MIM LPB body with Schaller bridge for the '66 set install.  Cataldo neck is just for the photo.

Oh yeah.  My Birthday present to me.  Allparts "second" swamp ash body, Fender P MIJ "E" neck, previously black DiMarzios that I painted, Minwax white oak latex stain and 2 coats of sealer for a semi matte finish.

Bought the used Badass around '82 to put on my first FenderBird build.  The finish took one day, I'm easy to please.

Lots of cool projects Carlo!!!  8) 

Happy Birthday!!!!

I continue to admire your work sir. Keep it up and happy 67th!

Thanks, guys.  This is a fun way to spend my declining years!

Psycho Bass Guy:
That reverse-neck Jazz finish is BEAUTIFUL. Fender puts out some see-through blondes that look like that every now and then.


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