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Fender to finally make the Starcaster bass and reissue the Coronado?

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Dunno if this is a windup or not, but if it's real... very interesting. Apologies if this has been covered already, had a quick search first.

A model that never made it past prototype, and a long lost one. And two Fenders that most certainly would give me GAS, especially the Starcaster. Is anyone else excited by this prospect apart from me?

Chris P.:
I just saw some stills on a Dutch forum. Cool!

Dave W:
I liked this comment in the HC thread:

--- Quote ---Yeah, sooner or later they'll run out of wacky ideas for new hacked up road worn humbucker equiped thinline jazzocasters and Justin Bieber signature squier hello kitty esquierstangs...

...And they actually start going back to their roots

Not that I'm even vaguely interseted in the starcaster though, but if it'll mean they finally get their priorities straight, I'm all for it
--- End quote ---

Cool, more choices. It's not like they discontinued J's, P's, Strats etc.

all comes down to the quality of what they put out.   


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