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Rhythm N. Bliss:
Here's 2 clips of short instrumentals of my trio Godbrothers:

Running The Real Marathon~

Seaside Soirée~

We don't have a myspace page yet. Wanna set one up....How do ya do that?

So post your clips here or your myspace page links or website links, please.
We've all done this before on other sites, but I think this'll be the first time here at Bass Outpost.


--- Quote from: Rhythm N. Bliss on May 26, 2008, 10:35:56 PM ---We don't have a myspace page yet. Wanna set one up....How do ya do that?

--- End quote ---

Whatever you do, don't set up a regular myspace account - you want a myspace music account. Here's the signup link:

It's pretty easy once you get it set up - you can upload your songs, pictures, embed youtube videos in your profile, etc.

Here's mine: - I haven't updated it in a long time - I haven't had new music in a long time! Hoping to record some next month when I go to Boston for a visit...

Chris P.:
Boilersuit songs canbe heard at: (click on 'audio')

Rhythm N. Bliss:

I like your toon Circumambulate, hieronymous.
Thanks for the link tooo

That chick singer is pretty damn cool in Boilersuit, Chris P.

Chris P.:
That chick singer is also mother of my cats and my girlfriend:)

We live in a small two room appartment with two cats, about seven guitars and 15 basses (and cases, ...), lots of DVD's, CD's, books, ... :) In that way it's nice to have a partner who understands you:D

PS: Chick singer and chick guitar player! And Epiphones only:) (No money yet for the real deal)


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