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Dave W:
This is for basses and other instruments which have been stolen from forum members and/or their band members or friends. Please, let's keep it clear of notices from people we don't know. Thanks.

Thanks, Dave!

My Jerry Jones Neptune Longhorn Bass 4 was stolen from Mitch Easter's Recording Studio, The Fidelitorium, in early August, 2011. Other instruments were stolen but two were recovered (G&L and a Guild) in a pawn shop in Winston-Salem, NC when the thieves tried to pawn them.


Here's a list of the stolen instruments:
1. G&L L-2000 bass, natural, 1980-1 version (Fender headstock) (USA): RECOVERED

2. Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass, aquaburst, ser. no. 046706 recent (USA)

3. Fender pink paisley Stratocaster, 2004 (Japan)

4. Fender rosewood- body Telecaster, rosewood fretboard, 2003 (Mexico)

5. Fender Electric XII, Olympic White w/tortoise pickguard, 1966 (USA)

6. Kay 6-string acoustic, 1962, rebuilt by Scott Baxendale, red sunburst (USA)

7. Guild S-60, black, 1979 (USA): RECOVERED

Thornton Davis:
This is my 1973 Burgundyglo 4001 Rickenbacker bass serial # MD1582.

It was one of the last made before the transition took place. It has checkered binding, full with MOP inlays, toaster neck p/u, horseshoe RI bridge pickup with original 73 retangular surround, split bridge tailpiece, Grover wave tuner machines. Dark Burgundyglo with minor belt rash on the back of the body down to the bare wood. Minor crack in pickguard between edge of the toaster p/u and the upper side of the pickguard.

She's been gone for the past 4.5 yrs and I would love to get her back. I have a feeling it's in the Maryland or DC area.

Would sure love to get her back. Please let me know if you ever happen upon it.



PS - Thx Dave for providing this forum.

Stolen guitars on 2/14/12 near Clear lake CA
Gretsch 500 Historic blond acoustic ,
One mismatched tuning peg, crack in top bout from bridge to bottom,

Ovation Nylon Elect/acoustic blond,
Small gouges on top,

Hohnor HJ3 Blond
Highly figured maple top,

Suzuki 1964 Gibson Dove model cherry burst,
Gold sticker on back of headstock German or Japanese retail store,

Yamaha 5 string Electric Bass Black,

Heritage SEA Millenium 1995 Blond
Aftermarket Bigsby

Fender Stratocaster 1982 Custom Blue Marble finish,
Ebony neck, Kahler vibrato, Seymour Duncan pickups,

Grand Clear Lucite see-though Stratocaster style
Gibson Les Paul Copy cherry sunburst,
Book match below bridge rather crooked,

Variax Electric/Acoustic Model 700 Blond
Small nicks on top bout below bridge
Other gear
Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano Black

Update regarding the break-in in which my JJ was stolen. This morning I spoke with the detective for the first time in quite a while.

Both suspects in the break-in have been apprehended but during unrelated incidents. One was caught in a routine traffic stop and got hit with felony drug charges.

One suspect claims his grandfather gave them the instruments. The other claims they bought them (the two which were recovered at a pawn shop) for $40 just prior to attempting to pawn them.

Neither admits to having anything to do with the break-in at the studio. The detective thinks it's more than likely the prosecutors and the two hoods will come to some sort of plea agreement because of the number of charges.

I miss my Longhorn!


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