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Well, the Thunderbird video thread is ticking over nicely so I thought why not give the other classic shapes a spin...


 As far as I'm concerned this video could never be posted too many times, this song, and Andy Fraser's playing ( whole band really) gives me goosebumps. There's a tone going on with that EB and his pile of Marshalls that I'll always envy - simple, beuatiful rock with lots of air, no mindless, soulless wanking going on here. Kossoff is almost crying during his solo, Fraser's is brilliant ( he's not 20 years old at the time!). Definately one the best, underappreciatted bands ever.


the mojo hobo:
You are so right about that vid. Ironically I saw Free at some high school gym somewhere outside of Chicago shortly after 'All Right Now' hit the radio and was not at all impressed. In fact I might have said they sucked, I don't remember. I do remember they were too loud and too loose. It must have been the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dave W:

About as good as it ever got with an SG shape.


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