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Hey, cool!  Dave and Uwe created a place for us hackers and tinkers to hang out and gab about our proclivity toward bass restoration, improvement and, sometimes, downright mutilation!   ::)  So, let's get started, any old project, repair or mod discussion is welcomed here. 


So should be post all projects here including Gibson ones or is this more for non forum brands?

Any way you like it.  If it's a Gibson, I'll probably post it here and put a note or something in the Gibson forum.  Certainly, anything other than a Gibson is also fair game here.  I figure we're small enough that projects of any type or brand could fall in here and we should be able to find it.  Anyway, we'll give it a try!

Dave W:
Anybody else with an existing thread in the Gibson forum who wants it moved here, please let me know.


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