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Dave W:
WHAT WE ARE: a place for bass friends to gather, stable and free of controversies we have seen elsewhere. Most of us have become friends on other forums over the years, but we welcome new members.

WHAT WE ARE NOT: anti-any other persons or forums. Joining us is not a loyalty test, we are neither taking sides nor expecting you to. This is not a place to complain about what happens on any other forum.

POSTING GUIDELINES: Treat other forum members with respect. Give others room to have differing opinions. We want this to be an easygoing forum with as few rules as possible, but here they are: No hate, politics, religion, sex or drug discussions. No nudity, obscenity, "girls with basses" or "disturbing photos" threads. No "deals gone bad" threads unless you can first provide us with evidence such as a proof of judgment in your favor.

REGISTRATION: We review all registrations as a spam prevention measure. We'll almost always get to you within 24 hours.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Dave and Uwe


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