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Shadow gave me a great idea.  Let's post pictures/descriptions of our home made tools we use in our building/rehabbing shops.  I'll kick things off with my home made fret press.  It's a $49 Harbor Freight arbor press and a Stew Mac fret caul set up.  Works great and I can use it to press other stuff as well.

Here's my home made router table.  I can even adjust the bit height from above with my 3/16" nut drive.  Cost me $10 to make..............

Gave me some good ideas
I have the workshop counter built , but need to build a wall and get it heated


Robert VanLane

there are so many things you can build yourself.  I'm working on a buffing station now and will post pictures when I finish it.

Here's the buffing station with the arbor attached.  I ordered a 1/3 hp motor that comes in on Monday, then I'll mount that to the back of the stand and we're good to go!

Here are the 12" wheels from SM I'll use..............


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