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Let's see your rig!

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 I looked thru and didn't see any "Show us your Rig" posts, so if it's okay how about it?
What are you using to make it all sound best?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours  ;D

GK 1001RBII, 2 4x10 SBX + Line6..........and a Thunderbird.   

 I do love that purple bird Mark ! Almost the color of my first bike a metalic grape Schwinn  Sting ray !  Ok here is my rig soon to be joined by a '75 Hiwatt DR201 !

Here is my ride when I was a kid, I bought a reissue of one of these to ride around the hood lol Still my favorite thing as a kid, til it got stolen :( but now I have it  back  ;D

Some day I WILL have a Marshall bass rig!  That looks like ear bleeding heaven!  :o

Here's a pic from a few years ago.  My main rig is an Acoustic 320 with either a 408 (4x15) or 404 (6x12) cab.  Tonight we're playing in the middle two lanes of a bowling alley so the 408 should fill the room nicely.

I'll try to remember to get an updated picture at the gig.


1970 Sunn Model T
197X Sunn 612S, 6x12 cabinet (left)
197X Sunn 215M, 2x15 side-ported cabinet (right)

My pedal board is kind of in disarray right now.


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