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Long winded update

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I am sorry I have not been around, but I have sailed on life’s journey and will share my experience.

I do miss Uwe, but everyone else I keep in touch with on social media.

Anyway, as some of you might remember 4 years ago my sister died from blood cancer, I had to put my dog down, and I lost my company.

So I took a step back and re-evaluated my life. Realized I can’t play bass anymore due to my unorthodox style which was giving me carpel tunnel and tennis elbow.

So I always like sports cars and some guy near me offered to sell me his 1985 Toyota Mr2 for a crazy price. I bought it without my wife’s blessing. She read me the riot act and I decided to pay for it by selling all my basses, but this is its own story for another day.

I found in my industry- Toys, no one wants to hire anyone over 50, at least not without relocating, which I did want to do, since I would more than likely get laid off . Also I would rather live near my kids.

I got hired by another toy Invention studio that lasted 3 years, but the owner decided to liquidate the company and its staff.

So I was unemployed once again. My bank account was trickling down so I took a job selling Windows inhome. Guess what?

I loved doing it, it was a great experience and did fairly well. Now don’t go all sorry for the inhome sales guys, they make big money, some make 6 figures!

I also was really good at it because I didn’t care if I sold them. They had a sales training system that really worked. Each sale took at least 4 hours!

They taught us all these negotiating tactics, but I rarely used them, because they would all say (the ones who really were serious) - John I really like you and I know I told you I never buy anything on my first quote i’ll do it!

It was crazy!

It was good money too, but creativity I felt empty and felt like I was faking my life.

I would drive all over Chicago and get to meet all these cool different people, enter their houses, see their decorating styles, see cool new neihborhoods, and hear their life stories. I bonded with these people like I was family in the end. I could tell you about their grandpa, their dogs name - which I would stop anysale when they had a dog and just play with their dog.

If a sale was not going well I would say to my sell f*** it and try something crazy, and it work 90 percent of the time.

I also learned sales is an emotional rollercoaster. When you sell a big order of Windows for a house, say $46,000 for window doors etc and get 15% it’s intoxicating. However when you can’t sell it is really depressing. You can tell right away when it’s a waste of time.

I had 2 weeks of no sales and started looking at jobs again.

I found a local company that does children’s Educational products and they hired me!
It’s been one year and things are going well.

I handle all their product Development, and they are a great company. So far so good at least.

We got two new basenjis (yes I need my head examined), my son got married and moved out of town and my daughter graduated collage and moved back home.

She bought a bearded dragon that is an anazimg pet. Who knew they like to be with people and are almost dog like.

That’s my long winded story.

I you want to know what it’s like, watch the first couple of episodes of white powder on Netflix.


 Nice to hear from you John! 
Glad things are going well for you and your family as well.

I've watched that show "White Gold" on Netflix - Pretty funny! 

Sounds like you're in a better situation now.  Glad to hear it.

Hi John, nice to see you're doing good. I've sometimes thought of you and I've seen hints that you're doing fine, just not so active here. Thanks for the update.

I will try to hang with you guys more as I miss it as well.

I will say that my sister used to be my support, when I lost that, I felt lost. But my son who has become a Buddhist, has become my new life support. As he reminded me, it’s not about where you end up but the journey you take. Change is always difficult, and full of anxieties.

I learned to enjoy whatever I am doing, and being happy with what I have. My life is like my Toyota Corolla, it may not have everything I want, but it has everything I need.


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