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Cool Greco bass on Ebay

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Never saw these before.
Looks cool!

I really like that!

Dave W:
It looks nice in a late 70s - early 80s way. At 5.2 kg I'd pass unless I had played one and knew the balance was good. Not that I would pay that asking price.

My first thoughts, in order, before I read Dave's post:

1) Wow! Nice looking bass!
2) Looks really heavy.

5.5 KG=12.1 pounds.

Plus the price at over $1200, and the $178 shipping to the US.

Aaaarrrrrrgh. :-[

But to my eye, that's one right pretty bass.

Psycho Bass Guy:
If anyone know anything about this series of Greco basses, I'm VERY curious because they seem to be identical to Ibanez Musician basses of the same era save for the pickups and string through accommodation. Were they products of the same factory?


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