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Suggestions for photo hosting site?

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I thought there was a thread about photo hosting sites but can't find it.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good site?


 I like this one:

Dave W:
Maybe you're thinking about my Photobucket alert thread:

imgur is still working fine for me.

I use imgur, no issues yet! I upload photos to albums on there which I set to private. I then right click on each image and hit 'open in new tab'. I can then copy the URL in the browser into the image upload thingy here and on other forums.

For example, here is my photo of the storage yard at the air museum in Malta:

Name those cockpits!

They've got a whole one here, and in one piece...
Also had a four page article I placed in 230 Squadron's latest newsletter about this very airframe and how they had to ground them all for a while in the 50's by the person who discovered the reason... :mrgreen:


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