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Glenn Cornick bass timeline excerpt regarding Eccleshall THunderbird...

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I chose to post this here since Glenn was such a heavy user of Gibson basses.
For fun on a JT forum I put together a timeline of Glenn Cornick's basses from pre-JT through Wild Turkey. I later included Paris in the range because I finally found a photo of what I believe to be the Eccelshall Thunderbird he had built using hardware and the original pickup from his Inverness Green NR. The photo online was simply titled GlennCornickTomPeterson and I found references to it on Eccelshall's website, but none of the links to photos of it worked for me. I've emailed the company for info and/or confirmation.

Apologies if this bass has been discussed here before.

I like it!

When I get some time I'll repost the timeline of Glenn's basses here. It took a while to create it.

Tooled leather top? Very 70s. Wal used to make pickguards like that.

^ That has a nice hippy look to it!!!!

Waylon was well known for that look...seems like leather has made an interesting cover/pickguard for guitars and basses over the years.


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