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anyone in need of a Moog board for RD Artist?

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Here's one on Ebay.

(with a hefty price tag)

I don't need one fortunately, but if I did I'd probably pay that price. Considering what some of the generic onboard preamps cost I don't think that RD board is too expensive. That said I would expect a very narrow market for the seller though.

Now what if I built a mahogany RD Artist? ... :popcorn:

I bought a NOS board a while back, it seems to me that it was way cheaper than this one at the time. But this one also has the wiring harness. That's huge! Also, is there any difference in the boards for a bass or a standard guitar? I seem to remember a different number on the board designating what it was for.......?????

Guitar and bass did have differing PCB's, iirc...


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