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Do we like these? (Suzi Quatro Greco bass)

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So while I'm at work at nights, I have time to search for stuff. Of course I gotta look for Thunderbirds (or similar), and either they're trashed, I can't afford them (I have NO business buying a 4-digit bass, but I still want one) or they're bolt-on neck Epis  :mrgreen: Anyway I saw THIS and thought it looked cool. Then I looked at more of them, and wondered why this one is half as much as the other ones... So does anybody here, have a Greco 'bird, or even one of these? Yeah I know the headstock is different (but I like it) and it has P/J pups, so it won't sound like a real one. But I can (almost) afford this one... THese should be made of "real" wood, not ply, right? Or should I be concerned that this one is broken or something? I know where the credit card is, so that little voice is repeating "It's better to ask forgiveness, than permission" in the back of my mind... ;D

I only know that Greco basses in general seem to have a pretty good reputation, but I don't know anything about this model in particular.

The only Greco I know is the bird I have, a more conventional TBIV copy. It looks nice, plays well, and sounds good, although has less treble than a real 60s bird.
I got that one for about $500 over ten years ago and thought it was a reasonable price.

Dave W:
This one's pretty beat up don't know if it's worth the asking price or what they've been selling for.

It is the same model used by Suzi.

1970 seems too early.

When I think of Suzi Quatro and basses, I think of that cream Telecaster bass she played. On videos and things the bass looks about the same size as she does.

I'm not sold on the Greco. It looks too much like one song to the tune of another. The Fender-style pickups make it look a bit cheap really.


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