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One-offs (?) on RIC's fb page

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Rickenbacker Guitars (Official)'s facebook page profile pic now shows 4 basses, of which 3 are custom colors: British Racing Green w/checkerboard binding (the coolest imho), gold (not Desert Gold) 4003S, and Walnut (ATG?) with a rosewood pickguard and TRC and dark triangular inlays on a maple fretboard.

V 8)

Those are cool! Rickenbacker are definitely getting more in touch with their creative side, and realise that there is a ready market for short-run stuff.

The one on the far right looks almost like a homage to '70s Rickenbacker copies, only knowing RIC it will be nothing of the sort.

The gold/maple 4003S looks very tidy, in my opinion.

Dave W:
Love that British Racing Green.

Yes the green one is really tasty. The Autumnglo kind of looks weird with those inlays and pickguard, but maybe I can get used to that look.


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