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Advice needed - 70s P neck on a new Aerodyne body?

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For my fretless project - saw this Aerodyne body on eBay - does anyone know if the pocket will fit a vintage 70s P neck?

Dave W:
I don't know for sure, but the Aerodyne body ought to accept another 20-fret 4-bolt Fender neck.


My temptation is to say yes, but there are occasional wrinkles in the Fender stuff I'm not familiar with.

Not to speak heresy, but that might be a question for TalkBass or the Fender Forum.

Psycho Bass Guy:
Fender Japan ought to play nice with old Fender USA, and Aerodynes are amazing basses. I have a first gen one without the Strat jack: one of the VERY few Fender P/J's that works. Also be aware that's not a photography trick; the body IS carved to an arching curve like a Les Paul.


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