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Wasn't happy with the B String from a set of Labella "Low Tension Flexible Flats"...

The intonation was all over the get frets 1-5 to intonate, the rest of the string  (higher notes) were out of sounded dead and was a general mess...just did not "ring" properly.

Put on a round wound B string I had around the sounded terrible...

Got frustrated, and re-mounted the flat wound B string, and it sounded fine. No intonation problems, and it rang true...WTF?

Granny Gremlin:
Was the round also new?

Possibly a combination of hasty post wrap and some stretching going on (bigger issue with bigger strings, such a a low B).

Round was new...

Just don't understand how I could re-mount the flatwound, and have it sound fine.

Can strings get twisted, or something in installation?

Granny Gremlin:
If the wrap around the post isn't tight (or too many winds - 4 max, ideally 3) and/or  the string is new you will get stretching as the string settles on the post and  the metal stretches under tension for the first time - slowly gives up slack until it reaches a stable homeostasis vs tension.  I never intonate until the next day after changing strings (tune up 1/2 to full step overnight after a careful mount job and manual stretching before bringing up to pitch). 

When you removed the flat B it was under tension for a bit so the metal may have stretched out, and when remounted you may have done a good job on the post and so it didn't stretch any more and was stable.

Maybe, just the first thought that came to mind.

It's possessed! Seriously , it could be the angle of the string over the  bridge saddle settling down, that can make a difference to intonation .


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