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Chris P.:
On my weekly trip to my local guitar store I always see a red Ford Fiesta and the colour must be exactly the same or very close to Fiesta Red. I always think there must be a Ford designer knowing about this Fender colour. I try to find the name. Could be race red. IDk. I think this pic is quite the same. In real life it's sometimes orange and sometimes pink, like the Fender.

Fender Color Extraction

My latest P build has an 2014 AVRI '63 P body and the color is Seminole Red. Looks pretty close to Fiesta, but who knows...

Chris P.:
My RI Mustang is Ocean Turquoise Metallic, which was a Fender custom colour. But it has yellowed stripes and it looks more like yellowed LPB. i think they tried to get that effect.

My Mustang GAS is slowly coming back....  :-[

I've seen a few of those Fiestas in that colour. Presumably they're simply reissuing a historic DuPont colour, rather than trying to make a visual pun off the fact that they're selling a Fiesta in Fiesta Red? Maybe they could knock out a special edition with competition stripes and a pearloid-finish roof?

If you can do the metalflake, the Mikey Way bass is a pretty nice one with a humbucker in the sweet spot. Heavy for a short scale, though.


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