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A new bas is born!
The Brooks EB-PL Noir

- One piece mahogany body
- Three piece mahogany set neck. Glued in
- Black high gloss transparent acrylic finish
- Checkerboard binding
- Ebony fretboard with circle inlays
?- Jumbo frets
- 34" scale
- Handcut buffalo horn nut
- Single ply matte black pickguard
?- Black 3D bridge
- Spokewheel double action trussrod
- Single coil pickup Seymour Duncan  SCPB-3
- Black Schaller lightweight tuners
- CTS pots
- Sprague capacitor

Price € 1700  (1990 USD)

For more pics (of the build process) check:

Super nice. Love the inlays. Is buffalo horn the new thing now? Just last night I saw a friend post about using that material on a Chris Squire 8 string re-creation he's building.

Thank you Tom.
Don't know about the buffalo horn. I was just looking for non-plastic black nut material. And my supplier happened to have bufallo horn.

Granny Gremlin:
Another beaut, bud!

Wow, that's beautiful bass!


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