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How not to photograph a headstock

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Dave W:
Take a close look at the back of the headstock of this 2018 Gibson -- looks like there's a crack running from side to side.

A fine representation of Gibson headstock durability. How did no one at Gibson notice this?

Can't see no crack? Maybe it's my computer..

Gibson should make LBO the final QC stage, nothing slips through here unnoticed :)

Dave W:
It's an irregular line on the lower back of the headstock. It's not just a reflection. If you click on the Change Finish button above, you won't see any line on the other two finishes.

It sure does look like a crack! Does that come standard with the 2018 models? That being said, guitars have to be one of the more difficult things to photograph without reflections. I am no expert photographer by any means, but I've tried to photograph my guitars & getting rid of reflections has been the biggest challenge. Even if you can get rid of all of the reflections on the guitar bodies, the chrome pickups reflect everything back at you.................

Could it be fishing line used so that Gibson can get the 'no stand' look? It does look like a crack however. Maybe the photographer was a little rough?!


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