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Precision Replacement neck

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Do all official Fender replacement necks have the same neck pocket shape?

As in, if I bought an Allparts neck, or an American Fender neck, will it fit my ancient Mexi Precision body? That is, without creative woodworking skills, of which I have none. I can probably drill pilot holes.

In my experience, yes to both.

The gentleman dadagoboi is correct and that is a good thing on all counts, as Fender etc. parts are for the most part interchangeable and you can put something together that can be better than the sum of its parts(!??). In other words you might be able to make an instrument yourself with not too much technical knowledge but with your serious intent and voila! You have an instrument in your hands and have pride in putting it together yourself that has that old magic and it might just be the one you go to quite often.

Bought a mexi-P neck. Looks like it should just drop in.

Only work should be cutting the nut, and I do know how to do that.


Building from pieces.....


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