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Henry's latest bright idea

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Dave W:
Burstdriver Les Paul

$5699 for a Les Paul with a built-in overdrive. This is "innovative" although it wouldn't surprise me if Les had experimented with something like it 50 years ago.

What's next? Will Henry come up with something revolutionary like putting a preamp in a bass?

So far, all of the comments have been negative. I bought a Les Paul Studio last summer with a 10db boost set up the same way. The push button tone pot seemed cheap & crackles. I ended up pulling the battery & using it as a kill switch which seemed more useful.

Dave W:
A built-in boost circuit was innovative 55 years ago when Gibson introduced the EB-0F. Not now.

Not surprising that all the comments are negative. Henry still thinks Gibson fans don't know what they want.

Henry needs removed. This is a daft idea, and a wholly unoriginal one. So I'm playing my Les Paul onstage and I want to take a solo, so I flip it over and adjust a cheap, poorly disguised trim pot with a small screwdriver? In front of a paying audience? Utter nonsense.

At least for $5699 they throw in a 9 volt battery.

Oh, and three new to me hot variants of Gibson bursts. The Smoky Quartz Burst (looks like Tea Burst to me). Havana Fade Burst (yyeah I get it, cigars=tobacco). Amber Ale (uhmm where's the ale). Now I can't wait to see Citrus Splash Gin & Tonic Burst  and Good Old Sundae Topsitter Burst


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