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Never seen one of these before - WANT! (Marshall Picture Frame 1x15)

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Granny Gremlin:
Local dude claims "It's a 1972-1973 Marshall 2054 (or possibly 2054B), Picture Frame Cabinet, loaded with a vintage 15" 250w/8 ohms Celestion Powercel speaker" and wants C$900 for it (including a second spare drive unit) which seems fairish given rarity - especially of the  drive units, at least here in NA - but I have no idea really.  Too rich for my blood in any case and I have enough cabs, but I am very curious - anybody tried one of these ever?  I'd never even heard of them before.

Chris P.:
I can't see the pics

Granny Gremlin:
Hmm, I can but maye cuz I have access to the locations.  Will try saving and uploading them to my own host.

Granny Gremlin:
see em now?

I can now.


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