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Craiglist Alert: pair of Musicman 115RH cabs in Rochester burbs

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Granny Gremlin:

Recovered with carpet and no original grilles, but still think it's a good price since they're in very nice shape and the drivers have been upgraded to JBL E-140s (very heavy, but great speakers).  The one on ebay last week (it's been years since I saw one there) went for 205 (all original aside from the Black Widow speaker and one damaged corner with missing hardware) + shipping from Texas (which woulda been +85 for me, whch I was surprised at and almost upped my bid on it, but let it go in the end):

I spent years trying to locate a 115RH in Scandinavia. They sound very good, I have the JBL too.

Would be a time consuming job shaving off that carpet though, and then the cost of putting tolex on them.
I really hate carpet, I have had a carpet free bass experience since mid 90's when I got rid of my peavey 410/115 stack.

Granny Gremlin:
Yeah, not a fan of carpet either, but for someone who don't mind/care it's not a bad deal (both; 1 less so). Just the JBLs are worth the price; cabs are a free bonus.  If they were local I'd have bought them already.

Dave W:
He claims the carpet gives them a nice warm tone. I've never heard that before.

Granny Gremlin:
Considering the lack of BS besides that, I am assuming that's a joke that didn't come off well.  He's gotta know that carpet is dated and hated.


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