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Jerome Rimson's Rickenbacker...or is it?

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Jerome Rimson played with Phil Lynott in the early eighties and mainly used this modified Ric:

Or is it Ric at all? Lemmy had a similar bass too or more likely used the very same instrument.

Looks like it has a third pickup at the bridge end.

Jerome can be seen playing it here as well:

I'm sure I've seen a discussion about this bass somewhere before. I've seen the Lemmy picture before. Either way the bass looks massively reworked, be it a faker or an original. Looks like it gained a new headstock with a backward angle, and some luthier really wanted to show off their chops with the wooden pickguard. The other mods are very much of the era, with the Badass bridge and the Bartolini neck pickup.

Chris P.:
The check bindings look very Rick and I think there isn't a third pickup but just a damper like on the original Rick bridge

I'm not convinced it is the dampener for a couple of reasons. Firstly the height adjusters are removed, and the teeth are missing from the mute slot. It doesn't look like an original Rickenbacker bridge, just an approximation of the front of one made from brass to fit with the Badass bridge. Secondly, because the other pickups look like Bartolinis it is possible that the mute slot has a Bart in there as well, as they made a dedicated Rickenbacker mute pickup:

Woodgrain in the center of the pickguard looks identical.  Its either the same bass or the worlds first "photo-flame"


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