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Tim Brosnan:
Hey guys, this past Christmas I received a Sansamp DI pedal, the V2 version. On my New Years eve gig, I used it to bypass the EQ on my Fender Rumble 500 combo. I used the SVT setting, and a passive bass with Fender flatwounds.  I was really impressed with the tone of this thing! It has many sample sample settings to use as a starting point, but I chose the SVT setting, because I've never played through an SVT amp before. I can't say of course whether it is like a true SVT, but it was a really great tone. So my question is; I could use that to drive a power amp, into a Rumble 1X15 extension cabinet I have. Is there anybody here who would do that, or just use the Sansamp to bypass the current amps EQ section? I'm still not sure what I should do. Thanks in advance.

Granny Gremlin:
How are you bypassing the eq section of the amp?. If running the pedal into the fax return ( also bypassing the preamp) it is exactly the same as plugging the sansamp direct into a power amp. Yes u can do that.

Tim Brosnan:
I did run it through the power amp in jack on the amp.

Psycho Bass Guy:
Sansamp's SVT tones in their pedals are really, really good, and like Jake said, you're already doing a version of what you suggest. Go for it!

Tim Brosnan:
Hey Psycho, you probably know more about SVT's than anybody! I love the Sansamp SVT tone. How close to a real SVT do you think the Sansamp is?


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