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Uwe liked a few pics I posted last season of the local reptiles, so I thought I would start a thread for him . I'll add as they start to appear with the start of spring. All welcome, of course.
Today, our 4 metre Carpet Python reappeared. She is holes up behind a pot a a few feet from the backdoor soaking up the warmth from the concrete. My wife was less than impressed. The snake is still there as I type. I am hoping she will decrease our Bandicoot population tonight as they are tearing our lawn to pieces!

Out and about in the sunshine this morning- coming under increasing domestic pressure to relocate this snake.


Wimmin can be heartless that way.

My wife would probably phone me from a motel, instructing me that the snake would have to leave before she made any appearance on the premises. Really.

So? Any news from the wife-serpent conflict? Keep us posted!!!


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