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The Outpost Cafe / Re: Poor Gwyneth ... - NEW: Bonus Kim K Kontent!!!
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:59:30 PM »
The 2nd most common language in the USofA...

Here, the 2nd most common language (from 2011 census) is Polski... :o

It's too common in the U.S.  I would have preferred French or German in high school. 

I heard Polish a lot in Ireland, too, especially on buses and in fast food places.

The Outpost Cafe / Re: Poor Gwyneth ... - NEW: Bonus Kim K Kontent!!!
« on: September 22, 2017, 04:28:53 PM »
She can even speak Spanish.  I didn't know that.

The Outpost Cafe / Re: Poor Gwyneth ... - NEW: Bonus Kim K Kontent!!!
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:39:18 PM »
If she sees this, I hope she doesn't get too steamed. 

The Kuntrashians (shudder)  :puke:

America's first family of whores.

I think there has been a new photo just released of Kim on the beach flaunting her derriere.  Evidently, she really wants people to be looking at it.  There are a lot sexier women out there in the world, IMO. 

The Bass Zone / Re: Sad news about TM Stevens
« on: September 20, 2017, 02:00:04 PM »
There is such a thing as alcoholic dementia and there are other alcohol related brain disorders. I've seen a few affected persons, including a relative. It's not Alzheimer's, but the symptoms can be the same. After all, alcohol is a neurotoxin.

Whether TM's current condition has anything to do with alcohol, it's a pity that he let drinking interfere with his music to that extent. He certainly isn't the first.

The relative has just straightforward dementia which I suspect may have been related to some other problems, but alcohol or drugs were not involved. 

I have a friend who works as a therapist and she has mentioned treating Karsokoff's Syndrome patients, but I've never been around anyone with that. 

The Bass Zone / Re: Sad news about TM Stevens
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:18:33 AM »
I met him several times and the last couple of years he was hard to love. Drinking an awfull lot, being drunk in an hour, not functioning and leaving the party after an hour and a half, shouting, ... Maybe his abuse of alcohol has something to do with it. Still very sad.

I know someone with it and alcohol was definitely not the cause since she never drank at all her whole life. 

They do say on their site that they don't always list everything they have.  But I remember in years past they would often have an EB-1 or two on a fairly regular basis.  The last few times I've been there were none.  In fact, I've seen fewer Gibsons, period, or even none at all.  (I'm talking about the site.  I've never been to the store, although at some point I probably will.)

Uwe thinks Cher is hot. Even worse, he thinks Cher can sing. Judge Judy gargling mothwash while wearing a gorilla mask would be better than Cher.

I was never a fan of her singing, either.  But Sonny was even worse. It's hard to believe he was involved in writing a song, though, that knocked the Beatles off the top of the UK charts for a few weeks in 1964. 

If anybody is going to say Judge Judy is hot...please don't.  (Not even in jest.)

I think my fashion sense and taste in a number of things could be called into question.  I even like fugly basses.  For the past few days I've even been seriously thinking about buying a Longhorn. 


Wrong. Long hair is always in style, straight or not.

Maybe if you're a male rock star.  I missed the boat on that.  Both on being a rock star and having the hair to grow out in the first place. 

When I think of the topic, two songs come to mind.  The novelty song "They're Coming to Take Me Away," and this one which is much more on the serious side of course. 

We've always been eclectic and catholic in our approach to life in general here! Just like GOOP for middle-aged men, really.   :mrgreen:

I agree. Often, although it may not always be apparent, there is a method to the madness, too. 

It looks like for Bow Wow Wow it was more of a Mohawk. Or at least a modified one.   i don't know what the heck kind of music this was.  Pretty weird. 

The music reminds me a little of this;

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