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Other Bass Brands / Ibanez is making a Les Paul bass
« on: April 07, 2016, 10:19:28 PM »

If their discontinued budget basses that had the same pickups are any indication, it WILL be nice.

Other Bass Brands / Whaddayall think? Dingwall Thunderbird
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:34:06 PM »
This is the FB link. There's nothing on the website which looks to have been last updated last July. The design seems a natural fit but that headstock has gotta go!

Gibson Basses / If you want one...
« on: July 27, 2015, 09:29:49 AM »
This cemented it for me! After some major positive life changes, I also finally get to indulge my curiosity about Gibson's aborted stab at innovation:'s even the color I wanted most!

I finally will get to say that I have an actual Gibson to fight with my Fenders! C'mon people, we forum members have a DUTY to rescue these orphans.

Too late!!! It goes to a Schecter now. The link originally went to a white 2013 EB for $599.

Guitars Etc. / Take a gander at the name on the headstock
« on: May 13, 2015, 04:03:13 AM »
I know: it's a shitty movie inspired by an 80's cartoon, but evidently Gibson saw fit to throw some money its way:

I seriously misspelled the word "throw." I suck.

Rickenbacker Basses / CL from my neck of the woods
« on: April 23, 2015, 04:21:09 AM »
I'm pretty sure I bought an 8x10 cab off this guy a few years ago. Check out his Rics:

Gibson Basses / Fight the Power (or scaring old people, slight return)
« on: October 16, 2014, 02:48:13 PM »

Seriously? Howsabout just making instruments legally of decent quality that actual people can afford? Is that too much to ask?

I was watching David Allen Coe from Billy Bob's on yt and this kept coming up as a suggested video. I like it.

...plenty of shots of the bass too, even if you don't always hear it.  The bridge between the two songs is what makes it, along with a pretty impassioned performance.

The Outpost Cafe / Windows 7 Upgrade
« on: March 24, 2014, 07:54:52 PM »
I was planning on doing a manual upgrade to my internet PC to Win7 from XP and my desktop decided not to wait on me and its power supply exploded this morning (yes literally) taking out the motherboard and processor in the process. (Switching power supplies :rolleyes: ) So rather than spend a week trying to track down a still produced motherboard/processor that would fit the old case and every possible issue that could arise from doing that, I just sprung from a mid-level pre-built gaming-geared computer pre-loaded with Win 7 64bit. Both of my old hard drives are fully intact with all the data (already checked them out), so what I want to know is there an easy way to carry over programs and settings from the old drives to my new system? There are several programs I want to install and then erase the old XP OS partition to use for storage. If it's not possible, is there some kind of system switching environment for Windows 7 that I can use to boot up from the old boot drive to access all my old stuff the way it was?

  BTW for anyone still using IDE, stuff, I have two VERY lightly used OEM non-branded Sony(?) DVD burners for whatever it costs to ship them only. Just PM me.

Gibson Basses / Seriously? An RD, WOW!
« on: March 22, 2014, 04:58:43 PM »
I'd never noticed it before!  :o

Gibson Basses / Uwe it is your duty...
« on: February 19, 2014, 06:07:34 AM »
... as a Gibson bass lover to check out one of these shows:

Eddie Spaghetti's bass is an early 90's black Les Paul Standard with a three point bridge. I have never seen him use anything else live. Covering the ground of both Gibson basses and three-point bridges, you are required to attend. Their music may come off across as a bit simplistic for your tastes, but I promise that you will never see a work harder. I think you would enjoy it.

The Bass Zone / 52 Today
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:35:01 PM »
Had Cliff Burton not been killed in tour bus accident in 1986, today would be his 52nd birthday and Metallica would be a VERY different band. This is the guy who taught Het how to play rhythm guitar and constructed all those epic arrangements on Metallica's first three albums and most of the fourth posthumously. ...and he's the reason I am not a guitar player. Happy birthday to the Master of the 4-String Bass Motherf#cker!

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